Solar Control

Our extensive range of solar control films will help to control excessive heat transference through existing glass by up to 80%. Films are available in a wide range of densities, allowing us to manage the balance of solar control and natural light to suit your requirements.

By reducing solar heat gain, the working environment can be kept much cooler. This also has the added benefit of reducing the work load on any existing cooling systems, therefore reducing energy costs. To learn more about the solar control of our window films and window tints in the UK, please get in touch with us at Armour Guard Films.


These films work by reducing visible light. Excessive glare can make working conditions difficult by making it harder to see computer screens, televisions, white boards etc. and can cause general discomfort. By being able to control the amount of light transmitted through the glazing, we can reduce excessive glare to a manageable level whilst still allowing clear vision through the pane. Anti-glare films are available in a wide range of choices, allowing us to tailor them to your needs and surroundings.


There are two ways we can improve privacy with window film.

(1) Two Way Privacy

This offers privacy from both sides, so there is no visibility through the pane from either direction. In this instance, the most commonly used film is a frosted one. These films allow light to pass through them, but not noticeably reducing lighting levels. We are also able to digitally print onto these films allowing them to be enhanced with a picture, logo or pattern.

(2) One Way Privacy

These films create privacy through reflection. From the brighter side (normally the outside) these films make the windows appear mirrored during daylight hours, whilst still allowing clear vision from the inside, outwards.

Additional benefits of these films include: solar control, glare and UV reduction. Privacy films are available in a variety of densities and colours.

Other Benefits of Solar Films

Energy Efficiency

All our solar control films can help your building become more energy efficient. Reducing the amount of heat being transmitted through your glazing, will ensure that the internal temperature decreases, which means that your air conditioning systems require less energy, as they don’t need to work as hard to maintain a comfortable room temperature. By saving energy, you reduce your energy bills and therefore save money, as well as reduce your carbon footprint.

By carrying out a comprehensive analysis of your building and its glazing system, we are able to forecast the energy savings that will be attained by applying window film, and in some cases this can be up to 20%. We will be able to illustrate a payback period for our films, and you will continue to save even after this time.

In recent years, many manufacturers have developed new film using nano technology. These films have excellent solar energy rejection performance but are much lighter in appearance than regular solar control films. This means they can be applied without altering the building appearance in any major way.

UV Protection

Reducing U.V has a number of benefits. U.V is known to cause damage to DNA in skin cells, and too much ultra-violet light is the main cause of around 80% of skin cancers. All of our films reduce U.V by up to 99%, and our Dermagard film rejects 99.8% of U.V whilst being optically clear. By using Dermagard on your glazing, a number of light sensitive conditions can be managed, helping make day to day life more manageable for sufferers.

U.V is the major cause of fading, and by reducing U.V by almost 100%, the rate at which things fade can be greatly reduced. Whilst the speciality films are clear, by using a tinted film, heat and glare is reduced even more so the rate of fading is reduced even further.


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