Our optically clear safety films which are colourless, makes them virtually invisible and undetectable, making them perfect for protection. These films, unlike others, are non-reflective and so leave your windows with a clear, natural, bright and beautiful look.

Our wide range of safety films will ensure that treated glass, if broken, will break in a safe way, by holding the cracked pieces in place, thus preventing shattering. They are available in a range of various thickness; allowing us to address numerous issues associated with glass breakage.

It is a legal requirement that glass in a ‘critical area’ must achieve safety standards as set out in Building Regulations Approved Document K. This states that by applying a safety film, you, your employees and customers will be protected. Existing glass can be upgraded to meet these requirements.

A number of these films are available with a solar control option which will provide even more safety, solar control and glare – all in one neat product.


If you would like to improve the security in your home or business, this can be achieved with window film which can address a number of issues. Security films are available in a multitude of thickness, from 100micron up to 350micron. Typical problems that window films can improve upon include burglary, vandalism and bomb blasts.

A clear polyester film is applied to your existing glazing which makes it much stronger and harder to break. The films are bonded using extremely strong adhesive systems, are optically clear, and have a scratch-resistant coating on the inner surface to protect against damage of the film.

Armour Guard have extensive experience of supplying and installing security films throughout the country at sites including: the NEC, Birmingham I.C.C, airports and many other high-profile sites.

Depending upon the potential risk, our films can be used in conjunction with specialist edge retention systems to secure the film to the frame, ensuring the pane remains in place after an explosion or attempted break in.

Bomb Blast

If there is a bomb blast or explosion, a single square foot of glass can shatter into hundreds of pieces. Window films work by holding the glass together if there is a sudden breakage, thus stopping the pane from separating. No window film can completely eliminate the potential for a window to shatter, but the right film will be able to dramatically increase protection. Available in a range of thicknesses and grades, each film will provide the best protection against bomb blasts and criminal damage.

If you are seeking window films and window tints in the UK, please get in touch with us at Armour Guard Films to find out how we can protect your home and business.


A smart solution for reducing spontaneous breakage hazards